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Ampersand for Chasing Paper // Freshly Cut Wallpaper Collection

Ampersand Design Studio


YOU GUYS!!! We have a REALLY fun announcement!!! This one has been a real dream come true. We LOVE pattern, we LOVE home decor (you should see our stash of home mags) and we LOVE partnering with genuinely nice people! So, this little collaboration is our version of a #dreamteam for sure! We are so excited to share our new line of WALLPAPER with Chasing Paper!!!!
The "Freshly Cut" wallpaper collection features two different floral designs in several fun color options! These are super high-quality but also REMOVABLE wallpapers!! GIMME ALL THE FLORALS, RIGHT?! Visit chasingpaper.com to find them all!

One of our florals is hand drawn with pen and ink and meticulously colored in three different color ways, the second was created in one of our other favorite mediums, cut paper and we are offering one multicolor option and three single color options...now, just hoping these floral wallpapers find a good home!! 


We are flattered and thrilled to be included in this collection along with some of our favorite artists and friends Danielle Kroll, Bikini Sous La Pluie and Caitlin Keegan!! Make sure to check out all of their cool designs in this collection as well!

Ampersand for Nod 2017 Collections // PART ONE

Ampersand Design Studio


We can't quite put into words how lucky we feel to have the opportunity to continue to design products with The Land of Nod. Nod is one of those companies that we have always loved, admired and aspired to work with so it's truly a little dream come true scenario for us! Their products are the ones we want to buy ALWAYS and we just love getting to actually design them! Lucky for us, we have kids rooms that we are constantly redecorating! So here you go, we are happy to share our current line of products with Nod that have been released in 2017 (spring & fall catalogs...holiday coming before we know it)!!


Over The Rainbow Rug (available in 4' x 6' and 5' x 8')

Play Throw pillow

Play Throw pillow


Block Party Changing Pad Cover


Floral Suite Bedding (quilt, sheets, duvet, throw pillows, pillowcases!


Floral Suite Crib Bedding


Ampersand for Nod 2017 Collections // PART TWO

Ampersand Design Studio

We're continuing to share our 2017 design collections with The Land of Nod! This is PART TWO, make sure to visit PART ONE to see the full picture! Can't wait to share more....here you go!


Abstract Art Rug (available in 4'x 6', 5' x 8' and 8' x 10')


One of our very favorite little secret design features on this bedding set is that the pillow sham has a zipper pocket for your kiddo to keep all their little bedtime treasures safe! Our kids tend to take their favorite items of the moment to bed, this will ensure they stay safe from siblings!


Dinosaur Crib Bedding


That's a wrap on our collections for Land of Nod 2017! What a whirlwind of a good time designing with the very best team out there! We heart you so much, Nod!

New! Platters!

Ampersand Design Studio


hey, did you guys know about one of our very own products? they are a few of our all time favorite things we've ever designed! We currently have three birchwood tray designs that we really hope you love! They really are best to see and hold in person. They are large scale (15" diameter) for that extra oomph and you can see the beautiful birchwood on the back, plus the layers of veneer along the edge!


We wanted these to be beautiful and enduring! We chose the perfect partner in Sweden to help us produce these! Their passion for high quality products shows: The trays "must withstand rough handling, be functional and look great. With our high quality trays you will get a product keeping its´charm and function for a long time and you also make a good choice for the nature.

Each tray is "made from birch veneer and has a protection of melamine to withstand alcohol and household chemicals. The trays will withstand heat from pots and pans (except for cast iron products) and they can easily be washed in the dish washer."


Find all three in our shop right here!


Ampersand Design Studio

We're so excited to announce another new partnership - Chatbooks! We've personally loved making Chatbooks for our own families for years, so when we had the opportunity to design limited edition custom covers, we were thrilled! 

We couldn't have said it better ourselves, making photo books SUCKS. (To the moms out there, you've got to watch this hilarious video for a good laugh!) Finding the time or motivation to make it happen is nearly impossible. And then the formatting - oh so painful, even for us!

Enter: Chatbooks. It's like a magazine subscription for your own life! They take your Instagram photos and automatically create your book. You can't beat the price point! If you aren't into the automatic instagram book, you can always load your choice of photos from your phone, or pick from your favorites to make a custom book!

And while we do love the simplicity and clean look of the original covers, the new custom covers are SO. MUCH. FUN! They make our coffee tables and bookshelves so happy! 


The format options are great too - big, small, hard cover, soft cover - you choose! The quality on all of them are tip top! They just feel so good in your hands, you'll want to show them off to everyone! 


We're loving our company too! Chatbooks has partnered with lots of great artists, like Kelly Ventura and Kate Pugsley. All these fun covers have us wanting to make ALL the photo books!