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on the lookout: fall cocktail dresses

Ampersand Design Studio

Well, I (Carrie) am super-excited because I have my cousin's wedding this weekend. My cousin and I are almost exactly one year apart (with just two days and one year between our birthdays), and we were roommates for a few years when I first bought my house. I'm so happy for him and his lovely bride, and I figure, what better way to show it than by attending his wedding in a super cute dress. Just kidding, but I do kind of have the itch to get a new one. I'm normally drawn to bright colors, but for some reason, I'm craving something neutral that fills the of what-the-heck-do-you-wear-to-a-cool-weather-wedding niche. Anyone have a vote on the winner?

Links: Westminster Dress, Goldleaf Cocktail Dress, Sequin Mini Dress, Strapless Lace Peplum Dress, Cross Back Sequin Blouson Gown, Embellished Color Block Shift Dress, Striped Celina Dress