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Kid's Pipe Cleaner Sculpture Workshop with Land of Nod

Ampersand Design Studio

When we were in Chicago last month, we had a total blast hosting a craft workshop with some great kids at The Land of Nod's North & Clybourne Store. We got to share one of our favorite kids' crafts: Pipe Cleaner & Straw Sculptures! We always love a craft that is great for a wide range of ages and has no mess!! Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it’s super colorful, fun to do, and ends up being one of those projects you want to save! Here is the tutorial so you can do the project at home:


• A styrofoam block

• Various colors of pipe cleaners

• Plastic beads

Step 2 (optional): String the plastic beads onto the pipe cleaners.

Step 3 (optional): Using the straws as a base, push the pipe cleaner into the straw.

After that, just let your kids play around! Your kids may loop the pipe cleaners from straw to straw or simply continue to build from the styrofoam block. No two sculptures will turn out alike, and after all, that is our favorite thing about art!

(All photos above by Kyndall Durkee)

Mom's Night Out Tea Towel Craft at Studio Nod

Ampersand Design Studio

We had the absolute pleasure of hosting a Mom's Night Out workshop at Studio Nod while we were in Chicago last month. For those of you who couldn't be there with us in person, we thought we'd share the craft tutorial with you right here! We're going to walk you through the super-easy steps to hand print your own tea towels! Using your choice of colors of fabric paint and tea towels, you can easily make your own custom design! Let's do it!

• Rubber Carving Block

• Scissors

• Fabric Paint

• Foam Brush

Step 1: First, use the scissors to cut out shapes from the rubber carving block. The shapes can be anything you want! You can cut lots of different shapes or just one and repeat it over and over. The possibilities are endless!

Step 2: Use the foam brush to paint one side of your rubber shape

Step 3: Press the painted side of your shape onto the tea towel. Once it is positioned, make sure to press down on all sides to ensure an even transfer.

Step 4: Repeat! That's all there is to it! Pick another shape...or the same shape...a new paint color...or repeat the same! The shapes can overlap or never touch. Play around with what you like best!

See! It’s easy, right? We sure hope you have fun with this! Grab some friends and put together your own craft night! Tag @thelandofnod so we can see what you come up with!

(All photos above by Kyndall Durkee)

ANNOUNCING Field Trip: A pattern & illustration event!

Ampersand Design Studio

We are SOOOOO EXCITED to announce that we are co-hosting a new licensing event called Field Trip in New York on Monday, May 16th. Field Trip was conceived by a small, but diverse group of artists. Our aim is to create a lively environment where clients may purchase or license new artwork and discuss collaborations. This event is happening at the same time as Surtex/NSS/ICFF, so it will be easy to take a  field trip around the corner to see us! 

Field Trip will be held on Monday, May 16, from 2:30-7:30pm, at a gorgeous loft space in the garment district and will have a fun, casual feel with cocktails and nibbles.

Artists include:


Victoria Johnson 

If you are interested in collaborating, we would love for you to stop by so we can meet you! It’s invite-only, so please visit the fieldtripshow.com to request an invitation or let us know if you think you’ll be able to join us and we’ll put you on the guest list.


Happy Habitat + Ampersand Design Studio #SUPERRADCOLLAB

Ampersand Design Studio

We can't wait any longer to share this SUPER RAD COLLABORATION!!! We teamed up with our cool friend, Karrie, of Happy Habitat and designed three brand new bright, happy, modern throw blankets!! Basically, Happy Habitat and Ampersand Design Studio got together and made babies and we are introducing them to the world today! 

Oh, and they are all made with recycled cotton so you can feel especially great about bringing them into your home! We hope you love them as much as we do!!! #SUPERRADCOLLAB

All three are live in our shop now! Brushstrokes,  Block Stripe, & Scribbles!

Wanna know all the little details? Sure you do! Here you go:

Full-sized eco throws are big enough for one blanket hog, two adults who really like each other, or a mom and two kiddos who truly have no sense of personal space.

They look generous draped across the end of a bed or the back of a couch. I have a stack folded on a shelf in my living room as décor, locked and loaded for snuggle time.

  • 50 x 60 inches
  • 80% Recycled Cotton/20% Acrylic
  • Made in the USA
  • Machine Wash & Dry


Recycled cotton is created from pre-consumer fibers and clippings that are collected after the cut and sew process. So new pieces that would otherwise be discarded get a second life.

Environmental benefits to using recycled cotton are:

  • Reduction in incinerator and landfull use, but reprocessing pre-consumer textile waste.
  • Recycled cotton fibers for yarn spinning require no new dyeing, saving water and adding no new pollutants.
  • The simplified manufacturing process reduces energy and resource use.
  • Recycled cotton requires no land use, intensive water irrigation, and no new fertliziers or pesticides.

The Bloom Academy + Ampersand Floral Workshop

Ampersand Design Studio

We just had to share a little recap with you from our floral arranging workshop with Emily from The Bloom Academy! It was the very first event in our new studio and we were SO excited to get a few of you in here for a little shindig! Thanks to Emily for getting us to book a date for a workshop or we probably never would've gotten our new place ready. You know how it is, if you schedule a party, that's the only way you actually get things done, or is that just us?

Emily sure knows her flowers! We seriously learned so much and hope all of our guests did, too!Also, we've decided that we'd like the new studio to be filled with buckets of fresh flowers and all of our friends every single day, is that too much to ask?

These gals are basically professional florists now!!

These gals are basically professional florists now!!

Thanks to all the yummy food from Moxie Catering and French macarons from Au Bon Macaron!

If you missed out, never fear, this was just the first of many workshops to come! Hope we can get all of you in here sometime soon! Cheers! - Morgan & Carrie

(photos by Kyndall Durkee)