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Field Trip is Back!

Ampersand Design Studio


Field Trip is back and we are counting down the days! Field Trip is a pattern and illustration event that we helped conceive with a small, diverse group of established artists in 2016. This year, it takes place on Monday, May 21, 2018, in a beautiful, light-filled loft, close to other Design Week events taking place on the same day at the Javits Center. 

 Some images of our show last year! Photos by  Christine Han

Some images of our show last year! Photos by Christine Han

Our goal in starting Field Trip three years ago was to depart from trade show norms. We wanted to show our work in a more curated and intimate setting, where artists and clients could relax and really enjoy the experience of engaging with one another. The concept was successful from the outset, resulting in many exciting collaborations with leading retailers.

The show gives clients and artists the chance to get together, review new artwork for purchase or license, and discuss collaborations. Clients can expect to see beautiful prints, patterns and illustrations, in a variety of different styles — from clean and organic, to bold and graphic, to quirky and hand-painted.

The show is fun and informal. Guests can sip cocktails, sample the candy bar, and listen to great music, while browsing through stunning artwork from artists with well-established brands. 


The event was conceived by artists, and is totally planned by the artists participating — it’s a really inspiring collaboration for all of us. This year’s artists are Ampersand Design StudioBikini Sous La PluieCarolyn SuzukiElizabeth OlwenKelly VenturaNotteneSuzy UltmanJillian PhillipsSara Boccaccini MeadowsVictoria Johnson and Monika Forsberg

 Products and art by this year's participating artists 

Products and art by this year's participating artists 

Field Trip is a trade-only event, and attendance is by invitation only. For more information or if you are an Art Director, Buyer, or potential collaborator interested in attending future events, please request an invite on our website. Hope to see you there! 


Ampersand Design Studio


When we first launched our online shop in 2011 (on etsy at the time), art prints were our very first product. The dream of having our art, that we have created by hand, end up on the walls of your home, is a thought that has always driven us. It's like sending a bunch of unicorn babies out into the world and we can't wait to see where they land! Today, we're SO excited to be launching brand NEW ART!!! We love to use cut paper, paint, and just good old pen and ink. Color has always been our biggest inspiration and passion. We combined all of our favorite mediums and colors and created one big dream collection!!

Each of our art prints is printed on the highest quality velvet fine art paper with Epson archival pigment inks. You'll be shocked at the amazing color! Choose between 8”x10” and 11”x14”. Frame it, tack it up on your bulletin board, or give it as a gift. We just hope it makes you smile!


We want to fight for equal rights, peace, and justice, and hope you do too. So when we've gotten all that accomplished in one day, sometimes we've just gotta have a little fun, right?


Hop over to our shop to find each one of these lovelies! 

Oh, and if you are eyeing that super large 24"x 36" Peace Hand print in the below shot, check out our collab with Chasing Paper for the details!!!


lovely photos by Sarah Sweeney

Ampersand for Blue Sky: Target - Summer 2017 Collection

Ampersand Design Studio

You guys, we're SO excited that we have new planners and calendars at Target! These dreamy colors and holographic goodness is more than our minds can handle! We love it and hope you do too!

We have 5x8 weekly/monthly planners in four new designs and 22x17 desk pad calendars in two designs also! It's never too early to start back-to-school shopping, right?! Find them today at your favorite Target store or online through our partner, Blue Sky.

Photos by the wonderful and talented Kyndall Durkee


Ampersand Design Studio


We love Target!! We do! So when we found out that our line of planners and calendars was chosen to be placed in EVERY. SINGLE. TARGET. STORE, We felt like it was a little hard to believe. But just as of 10:30pm last night when we went on a Target run to pick up some supplies for the studio, it all became super real. We both stopped in our tracks as we spotted our collection on the shelves! So here we are today, SO EXCITED (and a little more polished than our live instagram video-yikes) to share this collection with you!!!

Our partner, Blue Sky, produces the best quality agendas and calendars, so we cannot wait for you guys to get your hands on these. The collection features painterly brushstrokes, hand drawn lettering, and hand stamped patterns in a variety of bold black and white and pops of fun color!! We have a couple of 8.5 x 11 formats, a couple of fabric-covered 5 x 8s and a couple of monthly desk pads (22" x 17"), so hopefully, we have all of your 2017 planning needs met! We keep the pages clean and simple so there is plenty of open space to fill in your glorious plans for 2017!!


We really hope you love this collection as much as we loved creating it!! It's so hard waiting to share this news with all of you, so we are THRILLED this day is finally here and we hope you stop into your local Target and pick one up! We'll make sure to update you when they go online, too!

Follow along on instagram (@AmpersandStudio) and we'll be sharing more detailed shots and walking you through the inside pages and one of our favorite features!!!

All beautiful photos by Kyndall Durkee



Morgan's Living Room Update with Minted.com

Ampersand Design Studio


Hey everyone, Morgan here, and today, I'm revealing a desperately needed update to my living room! I swear, five years ago, we moved into our house, put the old furniture in the living room, leaned a few older pieces of art against the wall and then it just stayed like that...until now! I had no idea how badly we needed an update until I really starting taking a look at what was in the room. The art, or lack thereof, was what bothered me the most. We have a really great gallery wall in the dining room, but the poor living room, seemed to just get the leftovers. So, thanks to the truly unique selection of art at minted.com, I found so many pieces that really spoke to me. For someone that feels like it's so important to surround yourself with things that you love, it's sort of embarrassing to think how long I left everything the way it was. The art in your home should speak to you, reflect you and also continuously inspire you.


I scoured the vast selection of art on minted.com and seriously had such a hard time narrowing down my favorites. There are SO. MANY. AMAZING. PIECES! There's limited edition fine art, typography art, photography and even foil-pressed options!

I slowly narrowed things down to my top 8 favorite pieces. Too bad I couldn't fit them all!  1 // Screens 18 by Nezha Chan, 2 // Do It Anyway 2 by Kristi kohut - HAPI ART AND PATTERN, 3 // Sable Song by Juniper Briggs, 4 // Connection No. 3 by Kelly Ventura, 5 // Sometimes I Wish Beginnings Were Ends by Jaime Derringer, 6 // Visionary 2 by trbdesign, 7 // Untitled 1 by Jaime Derringer, 8 // Great with Agate No 1 by Kristi Kohut - HAPI ART AND PATTERN


And here is where I landed!!! As you know, I LOVE color. I do. But sometimes, for my home, I like things to be a little more neutral. Plus, as my husband can attest, I also tend to change things out from time to time, so a pair of black and white pieces seemed like the perfect solution to go above this credenza! I went with Untitled 1 by Jaime Derringer and Visionary 2 by trbdesign. I seriously couldn't be happier with these! And do you see those frames? Minted just released a whole range of metallic frames which are to die for! I went with the matte brass and it's beautiful in person!! But check them all out because there is also matte copper, champagne silver, and brushed silver!


For the mantle, I had previously just had a large mirror up there so this huge hit of art is such a welcome change! This piece,  Sometimes I Wish Beginnings Were Ends by Jaime Derringer, had caught my eye from the first time I scanned through the minted art and I couldn't stop thinking about it ever since. The simplicity of layout mixed with the detail in each one of the forms makes it endlessly interesting to look at everyday. I chose the champagne silver frame for this. Totally loving the mix of metallics going on here. Seriously, photos don't even do it justice. But, I can't explain how happy this piece makes me!


So, here we are! Living room update complete! Oh, I should mention that my fireplace also used to be brown, iridescent, crackle tile (yes, you read that right) that was just not working for me. We painted that white (whew) and with the addition of this, most perfect, white, mid century inspired credenza, it feels like such a bright, modern place to call home!

And I couldn't help but throw in a close-up of my youngest son, Lennon, and I, just loving life in here :)


Huge thanks to minted.com for connecting with the best independent artists for truly unique art and putting it all in one place for us. It's just too perfect!

All photos by the awesome Kyndall Durkee