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new stationery items in our shop!

Ampersand Design Studio

As an extra special treat on this here Cyber Monday, we have just loaded three brand new stationery items to OUR SHOP!!! These notecards and journals are totally environmentally friendly which always makes us happy. Each one of these is made with recycled materials and printed with soy-based inks!

Here's a quick link to the individual items, happy shopping!

And don't forget, today only, these are all 15% off with code "SHOPITUP"!

We believe in the power of handwritten notes, especially ones decorated with vintage bikes and colorful balloons! Hooray!

Going Places bicycle notecards

Set of 3 slim booklets bundled together with a decorative twine tie. Carry them with you for when inspiration strikes, use them to jot down meandering thoughts, or leave them at home for quieter moments

Rock the Casbah Booklets

Painting in the Park

The Honest Co pinning party: hippos!

Ampersand Design Studio

Hi friends! Just wanted to let you know that tonight, 8pm CST, we'll be participating in The Honest Company's pinning party on pinterest! They just released their latest diaper pattern design and it's HIPPOS! How stinkin' cute is that? So we, along with Making it Lovely, Cupcake Magazine, Move Lifestyle, Modern Mom, A Blissful Nest and Serena & Lily will be pinning all things hippo-related to get your minds full of cute hippo pinspiration! Wouldn't hippos make an adorable nursery theme? So hop over to pinterest and check out the fun at 8pm CST! See you there!

Want to know the best part, your purchase of any of the new wildlife diapers series help supports the World Wildlife Fund! In total, Honest is donating $10,000 to World Wildlife Fund in order to support WWF's conservation efforts towards protecting hippos and other vulnerable animals and their habitats around the world.

The Honest Co.

Ampersand Design Studio

We had the pleasure of meeting some of the great people at The Honest Co. at Alt Summit this January, including the darling founder, Jessica Alba! We had already heard of the great mission behind Honest's products, but had yet to sample them ourselves. We came home from Alt excited to try out everything Honest had to offer since it is perfectly in line with what we look for but can't find in cleaning products and baby gear: eco-friendly, stylish, safe, scary-chemical-free and reasonably priced. It's a dream brand for us. And the best part of all: for every product purchased, The Honest Company donates product, money, time, and effort to addressing critical health & social issues affecting children and families. Love it! The gals at Honest were sweet enough to give us some gift cards to go to town on the Honest website, and that we did...

Morgan was immediately drawn to the Honest diapers because other brands were causing a rash on her little guy's legs. Knowing that these were non-toxic, plant-based and included no "scary stuff" made them an easy pick. The only hard part was choosing from the adorable patterns. She went with dinos, and now naming the dinosaurs by their colors is a favorite changing time ritual...bonus.

We both went straight for the fruit and veggie wash also. It's not always an option to buy organic, but we aren't fans of feeding anything that could have pesticides or other chemicals on it to our little ones. Voila! This spray is exactly what we needed. It removes toxic pesticide & chemical residues, waxes, dirt, and other garbage no one wants to consume. It feels great to know we are getting that stuff off of our produce with a quick spray and rinse.

Really, we couldn't be happier about discovering a company that stands for the same things we do and that doesn't sacrifice style in the process. How cute is their packaging? We're in love!

The products we sampled: Disposable Diapers in Dinosaurs Pattern,  4-Pack of Travel Wipes,  Fruit & Veggie Wash,  Essentials Sample Collection, Stain Remover

how to make heart-shaped crayons

Ampersand Design Studio

I'll just come clean from the start, my cute mom is the one who came up with this idea and, of course, executed it to perfection. If I haven't mentioned on here before, my mom is Martha Stewart's clone. She can come up with and make anything you could imagine. So, I was not the least bit surprised to come home one afternoon after she was hanging out with my 2 year old son, to find that they had made these heart-shaped crayons together. She used all of my old crayons from when I was a kid, so it's even sentimental that my son is now getting to play with a new and improved form of the very crayons I learned to color with. So, although I didn't do these steps myself this time, they are SO easy, that I (the very non-Martha Stewart daughter) can walk us all through them!

All you need is:

1. a bunch of crayons


2. some silicone mini-heart baking cups. {If you're local, go get them at Pryde's Old Westport, if not, you can find them online}

And the steps are SO easy. Just chop or break up the crayons after you have removed the paper wrappers. Even better if you have a bunch of old crayons that are already in small pieces-this is a perfect way to reuse them!

Fill the mini heart-cups with your chopped crayons and bake in the oven at 200 degrees for about 5-7 minutes (no more than 10). It's easiest to just watch them and when they appear melted, pull them out, let them cool and voila! Brand new heart-shaped crayons!

My son has been loving them because as he uses them, different colors of crayons keep popping up! Well, it's all thanks to my mom, but I hope this gives you guys a great and EASY idea for a Valentine's Day activity or little gift!

Happy Heart Day

– Morgan

introducing...our new journals & notebooks!!!

Ampersand Design Studio

What an exciting day!!! Yesterday we just got samples of our new GreenNotes and GreenBooklets by teNeues! We are seriously beyond thrilled to get to partner with teNeues. Their products are always so beautifully made – it's seriously an honor to have our patterns splashes the covers of these journals and cards! There is nothing quite as exciting as creating  patterns by hand, carefully choose colors & techniques.....and then getting to see them applied to quality products that you would love to own!!! So, today was a good mail day :)

How great is it that there's even a brief bio about us on the back? We have huge smiles on our faces today and we hope that you guys love these as much as we do!!

You can buy them online now and they'll also be in some stores soon (more details to come)!

Here are a few more details:

Going Places GreenNotes : 16 notecards and envelopes, 8 each of 2 images

Painting in the Park GreenBooklets: set of 3 slim booklets bundled together with a decorative twine tie, Each set contains one blank booklet, one lined booklet, and one graph paper booklet, 48-page paperback booklets with sewn binding

Rock the Casbah GreenBooklets: set of 3 slim booklets bundled together with a decorative twine tie, Each set contains one blank booklet, one lined booklet, and one graph paper booklet, 48-page paperback booklets with sewn binding