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to & from magazine // spring 2013 gift picks

Ampersand Design Studio

Did you see the latest issue of To & From? It's all things for Spring 2013 including gift ideas for graduation, mother's day, father's day, wedding, baby shower and birthday! We are so honored to share our picks for a baby shower for "The Color Lover"! So, ya know, basically we were shopping for ourselves! ha! But if you are anything like us, and can't get enough color lately, this is YOUR list. And if you have a soon-to-be-mama girlfriend who embraces all things rainbow, we have your one stop gift-shop! Find our colorful baby shower must-haves on pg. 96 & 97!

Thanks to Megan & Katie, the genius duo behind To & From for featuring us!

getting crafty: paper mobile

Ampersand Design Studio

Our girl, Laura, is with us again today, and she's cooked up another fun project—this time for baby! How fun would it be to create this mobile as a gift or a finishing touch for your own little babe? We love it! Take it away, Laura! Thanks so much for stopping by!
With several pregnant friends and cousins, I've got baby accessories on the brain! I've made a super simple paper mobile using scrapbook paper and a paper mache box lid I had stashed in my craft closet. This project is easily customizable by the paper you choose. See the instructions below!
Materials: Ribbon (1/2 yard), tape, glue, scissors, fishing line, paper mache box lid

Step 1: Cut your circles. I used a circle punch, but you can certainly trace something round and cut the circles yourself. You'll want three different sizes of circles and you'll need 4 pieces for each hanging element. For this example, I cut 8 small pieces, 8 medium pieces and 4 large pieces, to make a total of 5 hanging elements.

Step 2: To create the three dimensional circle, take one of your small circles and fold it in half, creasing it to ensure symmetry. On the spine of that crease, place a small bead of glue. (You don't need much!) With the creased circle, glue it directly to the middle of one of your flat circles, set aside and allow to dry. You will make two of these per size, making a total of 4 small ones, 4 medium ones and 2 large ones for this example.

Step 3: Next you will sandwich the fishing line in between two identical side pieces, by putting a thin layer of glue on each side and pressing the two sides together. Initially, I left the fishing line longer than I needed and cut accordingly once I figured out how long I wanted each strand. Repeat this process to finish each hanging element, matching up sides of equal size.

Step 4: Using the scissors, create a small hole in the middle of the paper mache box lid. Loop the ribbon through the hole in the lid and tie in a secure knot on the underneath side of the box lid, making a loop on the top.

Step 5: Simply using clear tape, adhere each piece of fishing line to the underneath side of the box lid. When completing this step, make sure each circle is spread equally around the circle. Also, you will want to adjust the heights of the circles to ensure visual interest.

Once each circle is in place, use the loop created by the ribbon to hang the mobile.


Getting Crafty: Muffin Tin Frame

Ampersand Design Studio

We're thrilled to be bringing you another brilliant Getting Crafty post by our girl, Laura Parke! We're pretty obsessed with this great idea for displaying photos. This is a perfect and creative way to show off those first year month-by-month photos so many of us have taken. Love the idea of displaying them all at once so you can have a daily reminder of all those cute stages. As Laura points out, there are endless possibilities for this project. Thanks, Laura, for the idea!
Here's Laura:
For this month's Getting Crafty column, I've decided to repurpose a muffin tin into a photo frame. The lightweight muffin tin acts as the perfect photo frame to hang up or lean against a wall.

Materials: Muffin tin, 1 3/4" paper punch, photos or prints to be trimmed, 12 craft paints in various colors, white spray paint suitable for metal, and a paint brush.

Step 1: Begin by spray painting the muffin tin, using sand paper if necessary to achieve a smooth surface. Since I used a very aged muffin tin, I required a little bit of sanding, but not much. I did about three light coats of spray paint on mine, waiting for it to dry between coats, to get full coverage.
Step 2: Plan out which paint color you want in each circle and start painting! This step will also take two to three coats to achieve full coverage. Be sure to let dry.
Step 3: Cut out the photos you want, using the paper punch and tape or glue them into place, leaving a colored border showing. For this example, I used Morgan's son's month by month photo series! Isn't he adorable?? Thanks, Shaw, for helping me out!
That's it! This project could also be used for elementary aged kids and be used from first grade through high school, or it could be used as a kids project to collect photos from vacations, summer activities, etc. The list goes on!

Hump Day Happy Hour on Second Street East

Ampersand Design Studio

That's right, it's 5:00 o'clock somewhere, so let's get our happy hours on! Head on over to Michelle's blog, Second Street East because I am guest posting for today's Hump Day Happy Hour and you will not be disappointed ( eh hem...raspberry beer cocktail, need I say more?) !! (They just announced the lucky winner of these chairs on Gorman's facebook page!)

"My Kansas City" on Mimi + Meg

Ampersand Design Studio

Hey everyone, in case you missed us sharing this on Facebook, make sure you hop on over to Mimi + Meg to see my "My Kansas City" feature! It was one hundred percent my pleasure to get to hang out with Meg while she was in Kansas City! Meg and I became close friends while we worked together at Hallmark, and although she's from Kansas City too, it was fun to share some of my favorite spots with her! Thanks for letting me take over your blog today, Meg! So fun hanging out with you!  – Morgan

go check out the full post here!