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collar & cuff: the IOU project

Ampersand Design Studio


We can't say it any better than the founders of The IOU Project do:
"The IOU Project is first and foremost a fashion brand. But when we think of IOU, we see so much more! Fashion has always been a precursor of social change (bikini´s mini-skirts, pants for women, exposed ankles - in their day, all these were outrageous, revolutionary fashion statements). With IOU we are suggesting that fashion still plays that role. Fashion can surprise, inspire and make an impact - sometimes because of how it looks, and other times, as is the case with us - because of how it is made.
We created The IOU Project for ourselves, and for our own young children; in the hope of inspiring them to address the challenges of their day with creativity, courage and counterintuitive ideas; just as we are trying to do ourselves today." — Kavita Parmar (founder)
We love what they are doing! Check out their site and show them some love for challenging the status quo!