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Emily Henderson's holiday guide 2011

Ampersand Design Studio


Ok, so we all know about Emily Henderson, right? The über-talented stylist that won HGTV's Design Star, season 5, and now hosts her very own (awesome) show called  Secrets From A Stylist?! We hope you are nodding yes. If you haven't been following her yet...it's time to start! Check out her blog and her show--besides being a really inspring stylist with a keen sense of individual style, she just kinda seems like a funny, sweet girl that we just want to go grab a drink with!
SO...what we have to share with you today is her oh-so-perfect 2011 Holiday Guide! It is 238 pages of holiday ideas! We're mostly excited about the over 400 hand-picked gift ideas for her, him, dad, mom, boss, tween, kid, pet, etc!!!!  And, get this, every single gift idea is hyper-linked so you can just click on it and be taken directly to the site to purchase! (we love anything that makes holiday shopping easier)! PLUS  there's tons of non-gift related "original content from a bunch of extremely smart, witty, talented, funny, creative and diverse bloggers". Check out the impressive list of contributors here, on the opening pages, and below!
So, needless to say, we were SO THRILLED and FLATTERED to find one of our very own prints from our etsy shop featured in the "Kids' Decor" section!!!!!! Seriously, we are on the same pages as some of our biggest idols and favorite shops (Dwell Studio, West Elm, Terrain, Design Public, 20x200...and so many more), hand-picked by some of our all time favorite bloggers and taste-makers!! I won't go into the details of the squealing that was happening over the phone, but, let's just say we were pretty excited!
So, if you are starting to think about the holidays...it's time to check out the Holiday Guide!! Seriously, it's going to be our one stop shop this holiday season--we love that it even covers the hard-to-shop-for categories (ahem, teens & dads)!

So, here's BIG THANK YOU  to Emily Henderson and all of her awesome contributors listed here: