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Fall DIY: Wheat Wall Hanging

Ampersand Design Studio

Have we gone nuts for fall? Possibly!! We're coming back at you with another fall DIY that you're actually going to want to keep up all year round! We've taken the wall hanging craze and made it just perfect for this time of year by using when!! We are loving the texture of the natural wheat paired with mixed metals and of course, some hits of perfect autumn colors! We hope you love it!

Ok, so let's get started!!! Here is what you'l need:

SUPPLIES:  metal hoops (we used 14" and 6"), copper tube (we used large and small), large dried bunch of wheat, mini tube cutter, brown suede, thick brass wire, wire cutters, 20 gauge copper (or gold) wire, scissors, and various colors of embroidery thread

Step 1: Take your tube cutter and trim the large copper tube to fit in the diameter of the large metal ring. Ours was just under 14".

Step 2: Separate your wheat into five bunches of the same size.

Step 3: Once you have your bunches of wheat separated, cut the ends to create an even edge. You can keep the bunches all the same length, or vary in length for your design.

Step 4: Measure and cut the suede into 1/4" x 6" wide strips. Just be sure that you have enough length to cover both sides of the wheat and room to slide around the copper tubing.

Step 5: Take your copper wire and wrap it around your individuals bundles of wheat to secure them together.

Step 6: Continue to wrap the copper wire over the suede just a couple of times to secure. Again, be sure to leave enough length in the suede to fit the copper tubing.

Step 7: Now for the color!!! Take your embroidery thread and tart by tying a knot at the bottom of the suede and begin wrapping, covering any wire that is showing. We continued to wrap the color to be about two inches high. Secure the embroidery thread with a strong knot at the end. Repeat on each of the five bundles of wheat..

Step 8: Now, take your gold wire and attach it to the metal hoop by securely wrapping the wire around the hoop. Leave enough length of the gold wire for the cut copper tubing to be able to slide on and to to secure to the other end of the metal hoop.  

Step 9: Now, slide each of the five bundles onto the copper tube.

Step 10: Slide the copper tube onto the open end of the wire and then secure pipe across center of hoop by wrapping the other end of the gold wire around the hoop. Trim or hide the end of the wire by threading it back through the pipe.

Now you have completed the main portion! YAY!

The great thing about this wall hanging is that you can totally creative and make it your own! We created the top circle detail by using three smaller tubes and copper wire to make a design in a smaller metal hoop. Play around with your extra pieces or the shape of your wall-hanging! Check out another option below!

Photography by Kyndall Durkee and crafty expertise by Jordan Key