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Fall DIY: Beaded Color Block Garland

Ampersand Design Studio

FallDIY_title copy.jpg

When we think of fall, we think of Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving and any other excuse to gather friends and family together and try out all those recipes we've been pinning! But first things first, we gotta make the table look cute! And even though these holidays are packed with tradition, that doesn't mean your table decor needs to be traditional! We have a really fun beaded color block garland DIY for you that is a great centerpiece for a modern take on table decor OR a super-cute mantel garland! Oh heck, just make two of them and you can use it for both!

It's really easy and honestly pretty fun to do! So grab your supplies and get ready. The cooking can come later! Ok, so here is what you'll need:

wooden beads (you can use all the same size or varying as we did), birch plywood veneer (1/32 x 12 x 24 in), wire cutters, heavy-duty hole-puncherthick brass wire, form brush, 20 gauge copper (or gold) wire, scissors, painter's tape, and various colors of acrylic paint including copper

Step 1: Take the piece of wood veneer and cut various shapes such as a square, circle, triangle or semi-circle.

Step 2: Tape off a section of about half of your wooden shapes to create a color block.

Step 3: Paint the exposed wooden section of your shape. After the paint has dried, remove the painter's tape.

Step 4: Take the untaped wooden shapes and paint them fully with copper paint.

Step 5: Use an industrial hole puncher to punch holes in all of the wooden shapes.

Step 6: Use the copper wire to string through the wooden shapes. Then attach to the long strand of heavier gold wire.

Step 7: Take the wooden beads and string about 10 beads of various sizes in between each of the wooden shapes, alternating color block and copper shapes.


Photography by Kyndall Durkee and crafty expertise by Jordan Key