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favorite things: one love organics

Ampersand Design Studio

ok, friends, we are starting a new little column to share some of our most favorite things that we discover and we are kicking it off by filling you in on one of our favorite discoveries: One Love Organics! When I (Morgan) was pregnant, I started taking a close look at the products I used on my skin, and honestly, I pretty much had to throw everything out and start from scratch. I hadn't changed my beauty routine for years (like 10 years) and quickly learned that there were some pretty scary things in my makeup & soaps that I didn't want anywhere near my pregnant body. After trying various organic options for cleaning my skin, I was feeling a bit discouraged because nothing was quite working....that is, until, I discovered One Love! And here's the thing, everything smells good, and feels so good that not only does it actually work, but I turned into one of those people that looks forward to washing their face in the morning and before bed (um, definitely not the case before, to say the least)! So clearly, when Carrie got pregnant, she went through the same process and was a quick One Love convert, as well.

The best part is, now that I am smashing my face up next to my son's face every chance I get, I know he's not being smothered in gross products ( in fact, I even use them on him sometimes--they are that safe and natural!)

between the two of us, we've tried every single one of their products and are thrilled with all, but here we're sharing our current faves:

1. Supercritical Chia Oil: One Love released a couple of new products using chia oil that we had the pleasure of trying out and this is one of them. I (Morgan) have been using a few drops of this under the Skin Savior Balm for a little extra daily moisture and there is just sort of a new glow to my skin. It's hard to describe, but I'm liking it! Carrie has been putting a few drops on her face before bed as a nighttime serum and says her skin feels totally different in the morning- smoother and more moisturized! So, I guess, whatever you do with it--it works.

2. Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm:  now this is probably the most multifunctional product ever invented. you can use it to clean your face and also as your daily moisturizer (we use it for both). you can use it on your entire body and you can even use it to protect your hair against styling tools and as a hair masque! (pssst...this is also the thing we use on our babies when they have eczema!)

3. Chia Whip: So, we were a bit hesitant about a foaming cleanser because so often those leave your skin feeling kind of dry and tight. No surprise though, One Love got it exactly right and this cleanser just leaves you feeling clean, not dry. It feels natural, fresh and clean.

4. My New Best Friend Skin Shammy: ok, if you are still using a regular washcloth, just stop it right now. This shammy can remove particles of dirt that your washcloth just can't.

Here is a link to their ideal routine if you're wondering how and why to use each product. we both follow this pretty closely.

Now go on, don't wait til you're pregnant to start using all natural, organic products! Totally wish we would've switched years ago!

Let us know if you have any suggestions for future "favorite things"! Just email us at hello@ampersanddesignstudio.com with the subject line "what's your favorite ______?" and fill in the blank!