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getting crafty: hex necklace DIY

Ampersand Design Studio

Well, she's done it again! Our DIY genius, put together a super easy and darling tutorial for us today. We hope you enjoy this hex necklace!! Thanks as always, Laura, for sharing it with us!
With the holidays approaching quickly, I thought I'd show you how to make a simple gift for a friend, sister or co-worker. This project is so easy you just might find yourself making necklaces to match just about everything! And with the simple addition of something I found at the hardware store, the necklace becomes unique.
Materials: craft paint, paint brush, 3/8" wooden beads (100), natural cotton string, #10 machine screw nut (10)
 Step 1: Paint all of the beads with two coats of paint, making sure to get all sides. I used a wooden skewer for this to because it helps steady the beads. Let dry.

Step 2: String the necklace, by stringing 6 beads then 1 nut. Repeat this pattern until you've used all of your supplies. Using 100 beads will make your necklace about 30 inches long. If you want a longer or shorter necklace, you can adjust your supplies.

Step 3: Tie the cotton string in a double knot and show it off!