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holiday gift guide: guy's wishlist by zack kiefer

Ampersand Design Studio


Today is our final gift guide coming to you from my husband, Zack. We are definitely running out of time for shopping at this point, but if you are still looking for something for the always-hard-to-buy-for guys on your list, here are a few more ideas to add to the great ideas from Dan. (You'll notice there are some similarities between the two guys' lists in the booze and music departments.) Zack is an amazing gift-giver, but can be a little tougher to shop for so I am certainly happy I had a few insights straight from him to help me with my shopping this year. I'm pretty impressed with what he's rounded up here so I hope it helps you cross those last few dudes off your list.

What Zack had to say:

 1. Years ago, he never put all those records of his parents' on tape, then he didn't burn them to a CD... This is a really cool turntable that converts those old albums into digital copies. Maybe this is what he need to do it this time...just maybe. Listen to that old time rock 'n' roll.

 2. Typically, a man won't get too excited about a plant. A tiny tree, however, is a different story. With proper attention, this tree will outlive us all. Pretty cool.

3. A good pair of hikers is hard to find. These are waterproof so his feet will stay dry in the woods or when his wife sends him out to get coffees in the rain.

4. This ipod speaker fits in his bike's water bottle holder. This way, when he rides his bike way out there, he'll have music to motivate him to make it back home.

I love to share a little bit of Kansas City with out-of-towners. These are two local gifts that are always popular:

5. Boulevard's Double Wide IPA is corked to contain all that delicious, hoppy flavor.

6. The only problem with giving this sauce is that whomever you give it to will be sure to ask for more in the future.

7. Zombies seem to be everywhere these days. Prepare yourself for "Z" day with Max Brooks' Zombie Survival Guide

8. This whiskey is great for poker nights. It's crazy smooth.