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introducing: the love series by ampersand design studio

Ampersand Design Studio

We have been dying to share this with you all and we're SO thrilled that the day is finally here!! A few years ago, in 2010, we opened our etsy shop doors and launched our first collection of art prints and melamine platters Since then, each November, we have planned on launching a new series. This year is no exception. We've been hand-lettering with paint and ink, paper-cutting and assembling our most favorite combinations of the two! And what better way to talk about love, than the "language of love"?

So, we are just a few days past November, but it's HERE: The Love Series!!!  It's a limited-edition series of screen prints all about love! Each print has our logo subtly letterpressed at the bottom center and will come numbered in pencil in the corner.

If you're not fluent in French, you might be wondering exactly what these say, no?

"Le Coeur a Ses Raisons" means "The Heart has it's Reasons". How true is this? When it comes to matters of the heart, logic just doesn't always have a place.

"C'est Tout" means "It's Everything". What else can be said about love, right? We really believe it's all you need. It's the inner-hippie in us.

"C'est Nous" means "It's Us". Love, It's Us. What better thing to have hanging in your bedroom, or your family room, or the kitchen where everyone always gathers!

We have an all black & gold collection and then, you know we couldn't stop there, right? We had to do a few color options, too!! The color options come in a crisp navy, pale minty blue and metallic gold! Check out the whole LOVE SERIES in our shop!!! We really hope you love our latest creation!