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Mom's Night Out Tea Towel Craft at Studio Nod

Ampersand Design Studio

We had the absolute pleasure of hosting a Mom's Night Out workshop at Studio Nod while we were in Chicago last month. For those of you who couldn't be there with us in person, we thought we'd share the craft tutorial with you right here! We're going to walk you through the super-easy steps to hand print your own tea towels! Using your choice of colors of fabric paint and tea towels, you can easily make your own custom design! Let's do it!

• Rubber Carving Block

• Scissors

• Fabric Paint

• Foam Brush

Step 1: First, use the scissors to cut out shapes from the rubber carving block. The shapes can be anything you want! You can cut lots of different shapes or just one and repeat it over and over. The possibilities are endless!

Step 2: Use the foam brush to paint one side of your rubber shape

Step 3: Press the painted side of your shape onto the tea towel. Once it is positioned, make sure to press down on all sides to ensure an even transfer.

Step 4: Repeat! That's all there is to it! Pick another shape...or the same shape...a new paint color...or repeat the same! The shapes can overlap or never touch. Play around with what you like best!

See! It’s easy, right? We sure hope you have fun with this! Grab some friends and put together your own craft night! Tag @thelandofnod so we can see what you come up with!

(All photos above by Kyndall Durkee)