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Ampersand Design Studio

Hi guys – It’s Morgan from Ampersand Design Studio and I’m back to share part two of our Nod Real Family makeover. Check out part 1 here.

Now, let me take you downstairs. We live in a one-story ranch and have a finished basement that is sort of half playroom/half tv room. When we refinished it, I begged my husband to open up the area underneath the stairs thinking it was the perfect little hideout for kids! I had a vision, but I threw in a couple floor cushions and the decorating stopped there. I’m cringing just looking at the “BEFORE” photo. 

Danielle at The Land of Nod and I brainstormed together and I filled her in on how much Shaw loves books. He also loves forts and hiding places. So this dreamy, comfy book nook is his new favorite spot in the house. He feels like it’s all his own, although I do hope he’ll invite his brother in once he gets a bit older. How could he not? Lennon already has his “L” pillow in there to match Shaw’s! I could never have dreamed up this perfect little reading nook that Danielle so brilliantly put together! Check it out!!

She truly though of everything! Literally the second it was complete, Shaw jumped in there,  grabbed a book and started “reading”. The photography team started shooting right away! When they had all the photos they needed, Shaw didn’t want to leave his nook. I’d say that’s the truest test of a well-designed space! We love the color bar ledge wall shelf that keeps his favorite books within an arm’s reach and these super modern felt storage bins can hold all the rest! The cushions and fur blanket keep the space super comfy! I have to talk to you guys about this amazing patina rug, though! It’s the most luxurious feeling rug in our house! And, it’s such a rich blue that reflects the light in different ways throughout the day. It’s so soft, we catch ourselves actually taking our shoes off so we can walk on it with bare feet! And, do you see the cool gold stripes on the wall? Danielle came up with the idea to use gold dot wall decals to make those, pretty much proving the ideas for dot wall decals are endless! Check out the little style board below for more sources!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

Isn’t this space every kids dream!?!?!  Let’s be honest, it’s even a dream for me!

What I must let you all know is that every single person that had a part of this Real Family feature, from a project manager, to the photographer and stylists, was just as cool and brilliant as you would imagine they are! Everyone worked so hard for the three days that they were here in Kansas City, but on their “breaks”, they were still finding time to play with Shaw while I was also taking care of our new baby. Talk about a company that just “gets it”. You might imagine that hosting that many people in your home for three days would be overwhelming, but it was nothing but fun!

So, I want to say one last HUGE thank you to Nod for this incredible experience!! I’m so grateful for the perfect spaces that were created for our family. It was truly a once a in a lifetime experience that we will never forget! Cheers to Nod!

Ampersand Design Studio specializes in surface pattern design, identity design and stationery products, with clients in the home décor, fashion and baby and kids industries. Their clients include respected big names like Land of Nod, Tiny Prints, Papyrus, Minted and Giggle,  as well as great small, local businesses around the country, including cafés, bakeries, wineries, photo studios and fashion boutiques.