on the lookout: target back to college

Do you have one of those friends that's great at finding really cool things for really good deals?

Ok, well, today, WE are that friend for you. We heard the Target Back to College stuff was in the stores and we scoured the selection and found some really well designed home and kitchen accessories that are super affordable! Yeah, yeah....we know we are well beyond our college days, but aren't you kinda glad we shopped around in the Back to College section and did all the editing for you?

We are loving how they used pattern! Clearly we like the geometric pattern as it completely reminds us of one of our own (scroll through a couple to see our facets pattern)! Target should really call us to design this section next year!

Here are the links: White Geometric BowlBlack Geometric Appetizer Plate, Bamboo Rectangle Tray, Honeycomb Area Rug, Yellow Patterned Decorative Pillow Triangles Decorative Pillow,  Triangles Mug, Blossom TrivetUtensil Set, Geometric Tumbler,