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Ampersand Design Studio

Guys! St. Patrick's Day is THIS Friday! 

We're so excited to deck ourselves out in green and celebrate! We've already got the perfect tee for you to rock and if you want to take your look to the next level we've got a great DIY for you- POM POM EARRINGS!

Don't be intimidated, these earrings are super easy. You can easily whip these out the night before!


  • Yarn (we used two shades of green for St. Patrick's day, but you could use whatever colors if you wanted these to be for everyday use)
  • Pom Pom Maker
  • 37mm Kidney Shaped Earwire (we used gold, but we've seen these available in silver and copper)
  • 2in (50mm) Eyepin (we used gold as well)
  • Scissors
  • Fine Nose Micro Jewelry Pliers

Step 1: If you've never used a pom pom maker before, it might be easiest to read the directions on the box. You're going to start by assembling your pom pom maker and then start wrapping your selected color of yarn around it. Wrap one side of the pom pom maker with yarn – but not too tight. Repeat on the other side.

Step 2: After you've fully wrapped yarn, trim the excess yarn on each side.

Step 3: Close the two halves together and secure the pom pom maker fully.

Step 4: After your pom pom is closed, cut open the pom pom along the outside gap.

Step 5: Take a length of yarn and tie it in a secure knot around the inside of the bundle.

Step 6: Remove pom pom maker.

Step 7: Trim your pom pom to your desired size. We wanted our two poms to be different sizes, so we trimmed our first one down significantly. 

Step 8: Take the Kidney Shaped Earwire and push it through the smaller pom (or whichever pom you want to be closest to your ear).

Step 9: Take the hairpin and push it through the other pom. Once the other side of the pin is visible, take the pliers and bend the end in so that the pom will not slip off.

Step 10: Hook the curved end of the kidney shaped earwire to the hook of the hairpin and BAM you've got an earring!

Have fun and Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! 🍀