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status update: Ampersand Design Studio

Ampersand Design Studio


Just in case you missed it, we made a big announcement a few weeks ago that we are taking our designs in the pattern direction and headed to Surtex, a massive surface pattern trade show in NYC this year! (This is how we can get our patterns splashed all over cool products!) We wanted to share the news with all of our blog friends so you guys would help hold us accountable, so, as promised...here is a status update:
Although we have been professionally designing surface pattern basically since we have been out of school, we are feeling like major freshman when it comes to the trade show and representing oursleves. This will be our first year showing and there are so many insanely talented designers that have been doing this show for a long time – we're realizing just how much work and pure learning we have to do to be able to stand out. and it's A LOT. as in.... we are OVERWHELMED!
But, thanks to friendly recommendations (thank you, you know who you are), we found an ebook by Khristian Howell called "Showstopper: Road Map to Rocking Your First Trade Show". Khristian happens to also have a booth at Surtex, so her book is just perfectly tailored to gals just like us. It has a weekly countdown checklist that we have been living by. If any of you out there are headed to a trade show for your first time, this book is a must-read!
So, there is all the administrative prep for the show such as our travel, accommodations, our actual booth display, etc...but then there is also the mountain of actual designs we need to create! We have booked our hotel, and flights--check and check! And, as you can see in our pictures, we're working hard just CREATING– on the computer, off the computer (yes, we're even going old school and breaking out the pencils and paints), and of course, our favorite part – picking colors!! 
We still have our etsy shop to run, graphic design work for clients, and a few surprises to announce soon, so we are juggling lots of things right now which leads to a bit of delirium at times!!!
So, that's where we stand today...we promise to keep you all posted...if you promise to keep us accountable! We wish we could take you all along with us :)