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Ampersand Design Studio

Dayle and the Ampersand gals go way back! We worked together at Hallmark Cards for many years and quickly learned that not only is Dayle a super-talented designer and stylist, but she's crafty as hell! She can make anything and it always looks like it came right off the shelf--just perfection!!! (We've collected a few of Dayle's tote bags over the years--you can never have too many!)  So when Dayle volunteered to sew a few things with our 8 Days A Week collection, we were over the moon! She whipped up this darling fold-over zipper clutch AND tote bag with the cutest little pocket! Aren't you guys just dying to have one of these? So thanks Dayle for making our fabrics look so fab!! You totally rock.

And, all of you should follow along in Dayle's world, follow her over at No. 4 Design Studio! Psst...in addition to Hallmark, she's also worked for Neiman Marcus, IKEA and West Elm, so don't miss her portfolio!

8 days a week: thanks for caroline ritter

Ampersand Design Studio

We found Caroline Ritter's site, 'Lina Bean, awhile back and fell in love with her beautiful designs for babies and kids. So, we were hopeful that she would lend her talents to our 8 Days a week project and were thrilled when she agreed. She created the stylish and functional pieces below in our fabrics and we couldn't be more thrilled. Caroline sells crayon rolls and carry-alls like these in her shop along with many other adorable things like capes, ties and pillows. The craftsmanship on Caroline's products is flawless and the crayon roll, in particular was a huge hit with Morgan's son, Shaw. We love that it can roll up and be tucked in a purse or diaper bag to be used at restaurants or anywhere a busy toddler needs to be occupied. Both of these designs are Caroline's own creations. We're so impressed!

Thank you, Caroline, for sharing your talent with us! We love what you made with our fabrics!

8 Days a Week: thank you to Stephanie Patton

Ampersand Design Studio

When Stephanie approached us about sewing projects and said she had been working on baby and wedding quilts recently, we knew she would be a great fit! We had been hoping to have a baby quilt to go in our nursery photo shoot and we couldn't have dreamed up one more charming than the chevron number Stephanie put together. We showed her an idea we were considering, and she made it look so much better than we'd imagined. We just love it! We only wish we had Stephanie's sewing talent. When we asked if she had used a pattern, she just said that she "sketched it on the back of a scrap of paper and figured out dimensions." She makes it sound so easy, but we know that it is definitely NOT. Definitely would not have been for us, so we can't thank you enough, Stephanie! Can you please start selling these? So we can buy one (or many!)?

We feel like the quilt makes the whole nursery come to life. Wouldn't this be a sweet gift for a new baby?

8 Days a Week: thank you to Shari Shobe

Ampersand Design Studio

Shari Shobe of Bear Creek Quilting Company in Washington created this amazing quilt for 8 Days a Week! Isn't it beautiful!? We were so excited to see Shari's design in person when we got it in the mail for our photoshoot! Shari custom designs handmade quilts and as she says, she "allows the elegance and beauty of the fabric inspire her  to create beautiful personalized hand crafted quilts that are meant for everyday use and enjoyment." We absolutely love what she came up with from our fabrics! Bear Creek Quilting Company is also an online shop selling quilting fabrics, fabric bundles, patterns, books, notions and tools. Shari also showed at the International Quilt Market in Houston this past October, and the quilt she made from our fabrics was proudly displayed in Windham's booth there, as well. Shari was such a joy to work with and we are so thankful she loaned her talents to our collection! Thank you, Shari!

And guess what? If you are a wholesale account and would like to carry this pattern or order it for one of your customers, we have a treat for you! This quilt pattern is called  "A Special Day" and can be ordered by wholesale customers with a style number of 37466!

Here are the fabric requirements for this quilt using 8 Days a Week:

((37464-4 Watermelon): 1/2 yard // (337464-5-Lime): 5/8 yard // (37464-3 Blue): 1/2 yard // (37460-1 White): 5/8 yard // (37460-2 Black): 5/8 yard // (37461-2 Black): 3/4 yard // (37462-x Multi): 5/8 yard // (37465-1 White): 5/8 yard // (37463-x Multi): 7/8 yard including binding // (35509-watermelon): 1/3 yard // (25023 Royal Blue): 1/3 yard // (29003 Black): 1-1/4 yard // Backing 4 yards, your choice of fabric // Batting 70" x 79" piece

8 Days a Week: thank you to Margaret Schemmel

Ampersand Design Studio

We were so fortunate to have Margaret Schemmel on our sewing squad! She took on some complex pieces: a little hexagon ball toy and a crib skirt, plus our calendar pillow! Thank you doesn't even cut it! She was so generous with her time and carefully thought through issues that making a crib skirt presents (how high is the crib mattress? Do you want pleats or not?) She just really had it together before we did on the crib skirt, and we are so grateful because the end results were just beautiful. We want to have a bunch of those little hexagon balls to give to our kiddos and as gifts for all new babies! If any of you want one, too, you can refer to this tutorial. This is originally a pin cushion, but we thought it made such a cute ball, too. Margaret is a graphic designer and used Illustrator to make her own pattern pieces as a guide. For the crib skirt, she made up her own design, using a crib mattress as a guide.
The pillow was piece quilted using different sections from the various fabrics. We love how she used our calendar grid and made a precious keepsake out of it. We love how this design can work for any milestone (wedding anniversary, baby's birthdate, the options are endless..) Thank you, Margaret, so much for sharing your creativity, resourcefulness and sewing talent! We were so lucky to get to collaborate with you! We really hope to team up again in the future!