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announcing: ampersand design studio for oopsy daisy

Ampersand Design Studio

We have been waiting, not so patiently we might add, to share this news!!!! We're really not so great at secrets. We're SO excited to finally show you all some of our latest products!! This year, we started a new collaboration with OopsyDaisy.com for some really fun and colorful products for kids: stretched canvases, art prints, growth charts, lighting and wall decals! A few of the wall art pieces are even customizable! You might recognize the alphabet animals and the negative space letters artwork that used to be in our etsy shop! We had been hoping to partner with someone so that this artwork could be on even more products and reach more people and now that dream has come true....plus some! What you see above is just a little sampling from four collections that we did with them...make sure you hop over to Oopsy Daisy to see all the possibilities of colors, products and customization!

We're trying to decide what we're going to put in our own toddler boys' rooms and now that Carrie has a new baby girl, she is getting to shop our girly products! So what do you guys think? We hope you see some things you like!