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8 days a week: thank you to jordan clark

Ampersand Design Studio

We are so happy to introduce you to Jordan Clark, the owner of ScatterBrained collars. Jordan makes the most amazing and fun pet accessories that we've ever seen. She does bow ties collars like the one below, fabric flower collars, leashes and so much more! You have to check them out here! Jordan made the adorable bow tie along with a (human) headband :) and two pillows! Biggest thanks to Jordan for volunteering your time and sharing your darling collar set with us and for being so versatile in your sewing. She can do it all! Plus, her company was born from her love of animals and she works with her local shelters and rescues in her home state of Mississippi! What's not to love about that?! Thanks, Jordan!

8 Days a Week: thank you to Madi Sharp

Ampersand Design Studio

We are so excited to introduce you to Madi Sharp, another one of our amazing collaborators on our sewing projects! Madi is in her last year of school as a graphic design student in St. Louis, Missouri where she is in the process of designing her first fabric collection for school as well as a series of screen prints. Check out her online portfolio here! She is currently doing an internship with Lotta Jansdotter, one of our favorites and another designer for Windham. Madi likes to sew and sell things at craft shows on the side, and we are so thankful she offered to share her talent and time with us!
Please look at the cuteness Madi crafted for us:

Madi made the darling headband/ turban modeled by lovely Michelle was created using this pattern. She altered it a bit to include elastic, since our fabric is a quilting weight, and therefore, not stretchy by itself. She used this headband pattern to help her include elastic.

Madi also made the black and white striped pillow in the center of the photo above. Isn't it cute?! She did it without a pattern, but here is a similar pattern.

Thank you, Madi, for finding time to help us! We know you have a full schedule, and we really appreciate it!

(product photos by Jason Domingues)