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Branding for Bloggers

Ampersand Design Studio

Last Friday we had the pleasure of speaking about Branding for Bloggers at the very first Go Blog Social Conference in Kansas City!! It was a great turnout and we were so thrilled to get to meet some new blogger-friends, and of course catch up with some KC blogger besties!

Just in case you wanted to attend and didn't get the chance, we wanted to share a few thoughts from our presentation. Clearly we won't type out an hour long talk for you on this post, but here are a few highlights for those of you interested in branding your blog or taking it to a new level.

What is a Brand?

A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another. —Seth Godin

Why do you need a Brand?

Your blog branding is another way to describe the whole experience for someone coming to your site, not just your blog’s content. And whether your blog is a part of a business or not, you’re still trying to win the interest of readers (even if your mom is your only reader). This includes a logo, colors, typefaces, and content in each post.

Brand YOU

The idea of branding your blog can seem a little overwhelming until you realize that YOU are your brand. And you KNOW you. The key is to be true to yourself. No one else can tell your unique story and that alone sets your blog apart from any other. Figure out what makes you different, be authentic, and then work it to connect with people on a deeper level. Create original content and readers will keep returning.


Brand Statement

This is a phrase that’s quick and memorable. You can refer back to this to make sure you are staying true to your vision. When we get hired to design visual identities for other companies, this is the first step we take with them to help define what their brand is all about in order to create the perfect logo, business cards and other collateral that will accurately portray what they do. Once you’ve distilled things down to this statement, it is much easier to keep things consistent which really is the key to creating a strong bran.

Make it Pretty

Once you’ve thought about what makes you unique and what your slant will be, it’s time to think about how you will translate that voice to the visual part of your blog. The layout and look of your blog is as important as your content (in our opinion). Create a blog that’s well-designed and people will be much more inclined to read it.

You have to Start Somewhere

There are lots of resources out there whether it's hiring a full service web designer to online tutorials. Start taking steps towards refining your blog brand. If you don't look back at where you started and feel a little embarrassed, then you haven't grown!

A quick pause to give a little shout out to these two ladies! Our biggest thanks to Sarah & Kat, the founders of Go Blog Social, for putting together such a great conference! It was great to meet you both, and we're thankful you asked us to be a part of GBS2013! We can't wait to see what you do next! (PS – how cute is Carrie's baby belly?!!)

Lastly, we shared one of our favorite quotes with the attendees and we want to share it with all of you! This quote by Ira Glass is something that has inspired us over and over again and we hope it does the same for you!


Come see us at Go Blog Social

Ampersand Design Studio

Have you guys heard of Go Blog Social yet? If not, it's time you did!

We're completely thrilled to be speaking at this awesome event in August!

Go Blog Social is Kansas City’s first blog and social media conference taking place at the historic Hotel Phillips located downtown Friday, August 2 - Saturday, August 3, 2013. Go Blog Social was born by bloggers, for bloggers to bring together women and men passionate about the world of social networking.

Designed to inform, educate and inspire, Go Blog Social brings bloggers, social media experts and businesses together for a two-day event to connect-the-dots. Go Blog Social Conference is a destination to meet online friends in-person, connect with businesses, learn about the social industry and gain the tools to grow your blog, social network or business. Whether you’re just starting out or a blog veteran, interested in building your brand or a business, Go Blog Social offers the information, advice and expertise to help you do just that.

At Go Blog Social attendees will learn not only basic blogging techniques, but also how to build their brand, legal advice, branding tips, SEO, and much more.

We are going to be speaking specifically about Design Strategy & Branding! We're happy to share everything we know! We'll be talking about how blogging and social media is an integral part of our business. We'll share how we figured it all out (and what we are still figuring out) and what you can do to take your blog or business to the next level! Of course, we strongly believe that having a well-designed, clear brand is important and we'll tell you why! So sign up for Go Blog Social and come see us on Friday, August 2, from 1-2pm. We can't wait!

Reserve your ticket here: http://goblogsocial.eventbrite.com/

AIGA homegrown Kansas city // Fashion

Ampersand Design Studio

{disclaimer: we just realized this post from months ago was saved in our drafts and never published, so publishing now}

We just wanted to give a HUGE thank you to the Kansas City AIGA chapter, especially Taylor Pruitt for organizing this awesome Homegrown event!!!

Just as we mentioned before, we were beyond flattered to be in the company that we were in--such an inspiring group of speakers (see full list here)! So we wanted to share just a few shots from the event for those of you that missed it!

This was our first time in the River Market Event Space--amazing!!! We highly recommend it!

(Morgan's outfit)

So we had a packed house...can you say, nervous? eeks.

But the talk went great, other than our microphones making that super awful sound when they get too close to each other. That's never fun.

And, one thing we were happily surprised about, was the warm welcome for our little mini-shop set up in the back of the event space. We had a chance to catch up with some old friends and meet so many new friends in the city!!

{i mean, this cutie HAD to own our neon yellow ampersand print, right? it was meant for her!}

It always means so much more to meet the people that we are selling our art to! Just makes us want to have a bricks & mortar shop one day! Look how freaking amazing our customers were!

Now, since we are actually publishing this post SO late, we cannot find the names of our darling customers, so if one of these is you, please give us a shout! :)

we're speaking at KC AIGA Homegrown: Fashion event

Ampersand Design Studio

We wanted to let all of our Kansas City friends know that we'll be speaking  as a part of the AIGA Homegrown series about the synergy between fashion and graphic design!! It's just to get us all ready for Fashion Week, right? As you might have guessed by our blog, we feel that all areas of design strongly affect each other, and fashion and graphic design are no exception for us! We can't wait to share a bit about how the fashion world influences what we do! Come see us!

Here's a bit of info from AIGA describing the series and check out the other talented panelists that we have the honor to share the evening with!


Whether you are a recessionista or chic couturist, you'll be design dapper with the upcoming Homegrown event including a fashionable panel of locals that design, brand, sell, photograph and create things we love to wear. Join us for this ferosh discussion and get some on-trend insights into KC fashion.

Our Fashion Panel Moderated by Molly Bingaman of Ladybird Styling Sara Cramer | Handmade by Sara Cramer Morgan Georgie and Carrie Kiefer | Ampersand Studio David Lloyd | Method, Kansas City Haberdashery Sarah S. Nelsen | studio será será Jenny Wheat | Wheat Photography

About the Homegrown Series Homegrown: Fashion continues AIGA KC's series celebrating Kansas City homegrown talent. Highlighting the creative synthesis between design and fashion. AIGA KC embraces this thriving creative community by inviting diverse "homegrown" talent to share their stories of success.

Thursday, February 7 6:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Early Bird Registration Available through February 6 $10 Student Member $15 Member $20 Nonmember

Click here to register! We hope you can all make it!

And PS, we will be bringing along a few things from our etsy shop just in case you want to take home a little Ampersand token!