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The Honest Co.

Ampersand Design Studio

We had the pleasure of meeting some of the great people at The Honest Co. at Alt Summit this January, including the darling founder, Jessica Alba! We had already heard of the great mission behind Honest's products, but had yet to sample them ourselves. We came home from Alt excited to try out everything Honest had to offer since it is perfectly in line with what we look for but can't find in cleaning products and baby gear: eco-friendly, stylish, safe, scary-chemical-free and reasonably priced. It's a dream brand for us. And the best part of all: for every product purchased, The Honest Company donates product, money, time, and effort to addressing critical health & social issues affecting children and families. Love it! The gals at Honest were sweet enough to give us some gift cards to go to town on the Honest website, and that we did...

Morgan was immediately drawn to the Honest diapers because other brands were causing a rash on her little guy's legs. Knowing that these were non-toxic, plant-based and included no "scary stuff" made them an easy pick. The only hard part was choosing from the adorable patterns. She went with dinos, and now naming the dinosaurs by their colors is a favorite changing time ritual...bonus.

We both went straight for the fruit and veggie wash also. It's not always an option to buy organic, but we aren't fans of feeding anything that could have pesticides or other chemicals on it to our little ones. Voila! This spray is exactly what we needed. It removes toxic pesticide & chemical residues, waxes, dirt, and other garbage no one wants to consume. It feels great to know we are getting that stuff off of our produce with a quick spray and rinse.

Really, we couldn't be happier about discovering a company that stands for the same things we do and that doesn't sacrifice style in the process. How cute is their packaging? We're in love!

The products we sampled: Disposable Diapers in Dinosaurs Pattern,  4-Pack of Travel Wipes,  Fruit & Veggie Wash,  Essentials Sample Collection, Stain Remover