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Ampersand Design Studio

Isn't this just pure fun to look at? As trained graphic designers and current pattern designers and forever color-lovers.....ahh, this is just overload of fun!! It's a project by Olivia King,a designer and illustrator based in Sydney, Australia. This project is called Trig and here's a little description straight from the mind of the designer:  "I recently started working on a project that's a been a combination of two of my great loves - geometric patterns and accessory design. I was always pretty terrible at maths in school, but the name Trigonometry seemed ironically appropriate in light of my passion for triangles. Using a selection of native Australian materials, and hand painted wood, the first prototype designs were endless and I quickly realised the potential for project where the designs weren't mine, but those of the customers themselves. Using the Trig app, each piece is unique the tastes and style of those making them, with colour, shape and material options available in multiple variations. The final products are finished with natural oils and packaged in bright boxes with personalised thank you cards, ready for wear within days of their creation."

Check our Olivia King's portfolio here