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vote for us: minted.com holiday cards

Ampersand Design Studio

Hey everyone! If you are friends with us on facebook, which of course ya should be, you might've seen us share a couple of links to our holiday designs, but we want to give you the whole story today! We've joined the ranks of many a great designer on minted.com when we entered for the Nursery Art competition earlier this year! We're really happy to be a part of such a collaborative design community and feel super proud to have gotten the chance to join the creative team! The way minted works is, you can submit designs and then everyone (including you) can vote on which ones you like....the winners end up being for sale for everyone else to buy! So, if you guys like any of our designs for this holiday season, go on and vote for us! We did 8 designs total, here are the links to each one: http://www.minted.com/design-rating/62448








Don't worry, we're not quite ready for the holidays to be here either, but we appreciate you thinking ahead with us just for a few minutes!


Morgan & Carrie