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what we're feeling today

Ampersand Design Studio


This pretty much sums up how we are feeling today. Let us explain a little...
Due to our big trade show coming up in May, we are in desperate need of a website redesign, as in one that, oh, i don't know, has something other than "coming soon" in the portfolio tab! (ya, think?) So, today is the kick-off to a mad dash of designing our site and getting it all spruced up We are, once again, overwhelmed, but at the same time, really excited for the fun changes coming soon! We can't wait to have a site that explains a little more about what we do and can share some of our work! The blog isn't going anywhere, but it will be getting some updates, as well!
So...here we go, the time is NOW and the pressure is ON and we know it's not going to be easy, but we sure hope its all worth it!! Now for the most honest of our feelings: OMFG!!!!
(Stay with us if our online presence is a little sparse this week....we promise we haven't forgotten about you guys!)