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Filtering by Category: wedding bliss

spotted: notebook paper quilt

Ampersand Design Studio


OK, so this custom quilt from Cornflower Blue on etsy is so darling that I seriously struggled with whether to post it. On the one hand, it's too cute not to share, but on the other, I didn't know if I should really give this idea out knowing that I would like to use it as a gift idea myself. Well, internal struggle resolved. The only thing: if you have a baby and get a notebook paper quilt from me, just act surprised, ok? (It would be pretty great as a wedding gift as well!)

party perfect: rainbow wedding

Ampersand Design Studio


So, we've mentioned our fondness for ROY G BIV once already, but we couldn't resist posting yet another rainbow-themed party...this time: a wedding with rainbow influences. As they mention on Brides.com, it's important not to overdo this one because it can go from tasteful to Rainbow Brite in no time (not that we don't love Rainbow Brite, of course).

spotted: 100 layer cake pop-up shop

Ampersand Design Studio


Have you seen 100 layer cake's pop-up shop? Ahh, we are LOVING every single one of their hand-selected items! The 100 layer cake gals have such a wonderful eye for detail, so if you are planning a wedding (or any other fancy soiree, for that matter), you might need to just hop on over and check out what they've carefully selected for the current sale! Here's how it works: the pop-up shop consists of short, exclusive, online sales, offered on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Sales begin and end at specified times and shoppers have a limited amount of time to hold items in their carts before they are required to checkout or release their selections.
Currently for sale are these awesome totes in the photo above from Melangerie and last week's sale included the darling zig-zag favor bags from Divine Twine! Next up, some goodies from One Love Organics (which, by the way, we can't say enough good things about)! So, see what we're saying? Seriously good taste over there at 100 layer cake! Thanks for curating all this goodness for the rest of us!