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Playing with Type book

Ampersand Design Studio

Look mom, we've been published!!!!!

Our set of ampersand prints have been featured in the book, Playing with Type by Lara McCormick!!! Ahhhhh. We were literally squealing when we got this in the mail!! We're honored to be a part of a such a cool book and highly recommend you guys all check it out! Here's a little description from Rockport Publishing:

"Playing with Type is a hands-on, playful approach to learning type application and principles. This engaging guide begins with an introduction to the philosophy of learning through the process of play. Along with a series of experimental design projects with an emphasis on type, the author provides designers with a “toolkit” of ideas and skills developed through the process of play. The awareness and sensitivity to type styles, forms, and type choices gained through these visual experiments will increase the designer’s confidence in their personal and professional work. This book can be used in the classroom or independently, and readers can go directly to exercises that appeal to them."

Pick up a copy and look for us on pg. 31!

introducing our new iphone cases

Ampersand Design Studio

Happy Friday to all of you! We always love Fridays, but today is extra-exciting because we are finally getting to share our brand new line of iphone cases with our beloved readers!! We've had the best time designing each and every one of these. Seriously! You might recognize some of our signature motifs or patterns, such as, eh-hem, the ampersand! So, we kept the classics but we also really wanted to have a way for you to own some of our latest pattern creations!  We are obsessed with phone cases because it's the accessory that you always carry with you, yet, it's such an affordable one to play around with! Don't you agree? Even on the days when we're wanting to wear all black, we can rely on our iphone cases for a little hit of extra fun! Don't you agree? Well, we hope so....and, we really hope you guys are as excited about our new line as we are.  Each one of these will be sold right on our very own etsy shop! so go on....click here and pick one for yourself!

We have iPhone 4 / 4S  and iPhone 5 options and a few of these designs will have additional colorways for you to pick from!

So tell us, do you see anything you like?

Do you have a favorite? We want to know!

announcing...an Ampersand Shop overhaul

Ampersand Design Studio

We tend to think that it's important to pause every once in a while and take a step back.

Look at the big picture.

It always gives you a little perspective and insight.

So, we're doing that with our business and one thing we noticed was that we are ready for a change in our Ampersand Shop on etsy! For now, we've removed many of the beloved nursery art prints and a few of our melamine platters. We're not saying they are gone forever, but for the next month, we are taking the time to analyze, renew and improve on our offering! We're super excited about giving the shop a breath of fresh air and to introduce some new designs when it returns! Stay tuned for that, but for the time being, we need to say goodbye to our kids art prints, but don't fret, we are keeping most of our Ampersand Signature Series live!!!

on my mind: valentine's day

Ampersand Design Studio


I am in serious denial that it is already February, (really...where does the time go?), but I am accepting it and that only means one thing....the countdown to Valentine's Day is on! Whether you love it or hate it, it's just a couple of weeks away, so I'm here to sway you towards the "loving it" side! I gathered just a couple of things that caught my eye...and I might just have to do a follow-up because I have lots more to share...but for now: 
1. How great is this Jonathan Adler Charade Heart Vase? love it. no pun intended. 
2. This Heart Hook Pillow is not just for the Valentine's Day! 
3. I couldn't help but add one of our very own Ampersand Prints in here. Besides shameless self-promo, I truly think it would be such a perfect gift for (or from) your sweetheart (we have other options than neon pink) !
4. And of course, I can hardly picture Valentine's Day without thinking of the adorable Shop Ban.do! Their famous accessories couldn't be more perfect for this holiday. Shown here: heart shoe clips.

on the lookout: laura parke: a girl who makes

Ampersand Design Studio

We have been so excited to share "A Girl Who Makes" because that girl just happens to be one of our dearest friends ... who also just happens to be insanely talented! It seems as if Laura has been "making things" since she was born. Or, at least since we've known her! Really! She used to always be making things in the kitchen. Cupcakes were being cranked out by the dozen on a daily basis. But the constant drive to make things extends way beyond the kitchen doors. She's a designer and a DIYer. She has never met a craft project she doesn't like. Give her a pair of scissors and a glue gun and you never know what she is going to come up with. Basically she does it all!
(The images above are the invitations, programs and door decorations from her very own wedding!)
And these are just a few examples of the many projects she's been playing with lately! Check out her new blog for some step-by-step tutorials so that you can follow along with her in making things like the pocketed placemat below!
And, of course, we had to include one of our favorite creations of Laura's: this light-up ampersand! Laura and her husband had this on display at their wedding reception. How perfect, right?
So follow along with Laura on her blog, A Girl Who Makes, or contact her if you're interested in having her make something special just for you. She likes to make neat things for nice people.
Pssst...this is also a little hint of some of the good collaborations to come on Ampersand here in the  very near future!!